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Second IEEE International Workshop on Next Generation Wireless Networks 2006 (IEEE WoNGeN '06): Wireless Mesh Networks -- A Viable Alternative

Conjunction with International Conference on High Performance Computing 2006 (HiPC '06), Bangalore, India, December 18-21, 2006.

The focus theme of WoNGeN 2006 is Wireless Mesh Networks and its emergence as a viable next generation alternative communication infrastructure. Wireless networks evolve to radically new directions every decade. With the recent innovations in Wi-Fi systems, wireless mesh networking, ad hoc wireless networking, and wireless sensor networking, many new applications such as Wireless Internet, Mobile Commerce, and Smart environment are becoming realities. In such an environment, it is important to answer the questions on how these networks evolve and develop into the future and how these networks can handle the requirements of the future. Today, the new form of fully distributed wireless networks -- Wireless Mesh Networks appears to be providing a viable alternative for next generation wireless networking. Wireless Mesh Networks have applications ranging from civilian wireless Internet applications to tactical and emergency response applications. The flexibility and inexpensiveness of Wireless Mesh Networks add another dimension to their acceptability. Though the Wireless Mesh Networks appear as a viable alternative to the existing wireless infrastructure, many problems require research effort in order to meet the expected success in next generation wireless networking. Some of the important problems in wireless mesh networking are network architectural solutions for throughput capacity and network scalability, protocol design for efficiency and scalability, research solutions for security, trust, and fault tolerance, and time sensitive traffic support.

This workshop focuses on the core issues of design, analysis, and experimentation of solutions for Wireless Mesh Networks that can make Wireless Mesh Networks a competitive next generation wireless communication and networking infrastructure.

We request all researchers, practitioners, and students to submit their original and unpublished research results to this workshop.

General Co-Chairs

B. Prabhakaran and B. S. Manoj