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First IEEE International Workshop on Next Generation Wireless Networks 2005 (IEEE WoNGeN '05): Design of Wireless Networks for Reliability, Availability, and Emergency Response

Held in conjunction with International Conference on High Performance Computing 2005 (HiPC '05), Goa, India, December 18-21, 2005.

Next generation wireless networks face many challenges such as the presence of chaotic and heterogeneous wireless access technologies, the increasing popularity and wide spread use of license free bands for communication, limited wireless spectrum and increasing interference, and above all the difficulty of these networks to provide a reliable and always available service in the event of  emergencies. It is expected that, in the next decade, the design of wireless networks would undergo a radical change from the traditional centralized systems to the modern distributed wireless mesh architectures. Unlike in the past, when protocol or system functionality was the prime concern during their design, it becomes imperative to incorporate a multi-modal design approach that can enable not just system functionalities but also reliability, availability, and emergency response capability. Any physical world emergency situation can translate to network emergencies and hence the failure of critical wireless communication infrastructure can lead to disastrous consequences. Towards our journey to a pervasive computing and communication paradigm, we need to ensure that the architectures and protocols for next generation wireless networks should be designed with an in-built capability to provide a reliable, available, and fault tolerant design which in turn enable wireless networks to handle networked-world emergencies. The first IEEE International Workshop on Next Generation Wireless Networks 2005 (IEEE WoNGeN '05) held in conjunction with IEEE HiPC '05, provides a forum for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and students to present their  latest research results to advance the hot research area of next generation wireless networks.

We request all researchers, practitioners, and students to submit their original and unpublished research results to this workshop.

General Co-Chairs

C. Siva Ram Murthy and B. S. Manoj